About Odds Comparison

If you're new to sports betting, or just new to odds comparison, you've come to the right place!

Getting the best available odds is one of the most important aspects of gambling. If you don't have the best odds for all your bets, you're cutting into your edge over the sportsbooks.

Reading the odds screen


Let's take a look at the NFC East market in the NFL (all odds are from 4/10/2020).

Teams are sorted from the most favored at the top (by average odds from all sportsbooks) to least at the bottom.

The column on the far right shows the average decimal odds for each outcome.

Any odds highlighted in bright yellow are the best odds for that team. In this case, FanDuel Sportsbook has the best odds for the Philadelphia Eagles at +129.

Any odds shaded paler yellow indicate that those odds are above the average of all sportsbooks. As far as the Cowboys go, you can see that BetMGM, Bet365, and Hard Rock all have above-average odds (the average odds across the board are +122).


The basics for games are exactly the same, with a couple of added features.

So, much the same as for a futures market. Again, yellow shading indicates the best available odds for that outcome.

Red indicates that the odds are lengthening (getting better for you), and green indicates shortening (getting worse, as far as payout goes).

What are the percentages at the bottom of each column? That's the 'vig', also known as 'cut', or 'take'.

If sportsbooks offered no vig, they would go out of business. They effectively have to charge a commission on each bet, so the lower this number, the better.

Click on any graph icon in a sportsbook column and you'll see exactly how their odds have fluctuated over time:

This is handy for checking which direction a book is headed with certain outcomes. Here you can see FanDuel started low, drifted out, then reacted and came back in. In the last few hours of the graph, there is another drift in the odds upwards.

Why it's important to get the best odds

Let's say you want to bet the Cowboys over the Packers.

The Cowboys are +110 at FanDuel, and +120 at BetMGM. You don't have a BetMGM account, and figure 10 cents doesn't make much difference, so go ahead and place the bet at FanDuel.

Dallas wins the game, and for your $100 bet, you collect $110. Nice.

But if you'd have bet with BetMGM and taken the bigger odds, you'd have collected $120. An extra $10 might not seem a big deal, but the more bets you place, the bigger difference it makes.

Let's use a 50% win rate for our Cowboys example above. We place 1,000 wagers of $100 through the year, and 50% of them win.

  • If you had taken the FanDuel odds of +110 every time, your profit would be $5,000.
  • If you had taken the better BetMGM odds of +120 every time, your profit would be $10,000.

This gives you an indication that shopping around for odds gives you a much better long-term chance of making money.