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Arbitrage Alerts

Get SMS and email alerts whenever lines have aligned to present arbitrage opportunities. You can even set which sports and your minimum percentage for alerts.

All Markets

Gain access to the best odds for tons of extra markets including quarter spreads and totals, half betting, correct scores, innings betting and much more in all sports from the major US sports to tennis, golf and NASCAR.

Player Props

Sportsbooks are now offering props for every game in the major US leagues, so we do too. Get the best odds for all the stats from NHL goals and points to MLB strikeouts, home runs, and of course NFL rushing, receiving, passing stats and plenty more.

Parlay Calculator

Parlays are the bets where odds matter most. Our calculator takes the guesswork out of getting the best odds on your parlays by presenting the odds for every outcome and your payout at every book, so you know where to place your bet.

Odds History

Get access to the opening lines of all games, in addition to every single line move for every team and player's odds for money line, total and spread markets. We also offer odds fluctuations for all futures outcomes.

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Remove any unwanted sportsbooks from the odds screen
Receive odds alerts when an outcome hits your set threshold
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