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Stanley Cup14 Books
Boston Bruins +700
Tampa Bay Lightning +700
Colorado Avalanche +850
Vegas Golden Knights +850
St Louis Blues +1100
Philadelphia Flyers +1200
Washington Capitals +1200
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Eastern Conference14 Books
Boston Bruins +350
Tampa Bay Lightning +350
Philadelphia Flyers +600
Washington Capitals +600
Pittsburgh Penguins +1100
Toronto Maple Leafs +1600
Carolina Hurricanes 25-1
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Western Conference14 Books
Vegas Golden Knights +359
Colorado Avalanche +400
St Louis Blues +475
Dallas Stars +700
Edmonton Oilers +1200
Calgary Flames +2000
Nashville Predators +2000
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Series Winner Canucks v Wild9 Books
Vancouver Canucks -119
Minnesota Wild +112
Series Winner Flames v Jets10 Books
Calgary Flames -115
Winnipeg Jets +110
Series Winner Islanders v Panthers8 Books
New York Islanders -115
Florida Panthers +100
Series Winner Maple Leafs v Blue Jackets9 Books
Toronto Maple Leafs -159
Columbus Blue Jackets +140
Series Winner Oilers v Blackhawks9 Books
Edmonton Oilers -155
Chicago Blackhawks +135
Series Winner Penguins v Canadiens9 Books
Pittsburgh Penguins -175
Montreal Canadiens +180
Series Winner Predators v Coyotes9 Books
Nashville Predators -125
Arizona Coyotes +115
Series Winner Rangers v Hurricanes8 Books
Carolina Hurricanes -130
New York Rangers +112
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