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Your AFL Betting Guide

With barely any live sport to bet on, Australia is going ahead with the first round of their Australian Rules competition, the AFL.

Americans are looking to bet on anything they can, and so we bring you our official guide to betting on Australia's most popular sport.

The Basics of Aussie Rules

Australian Rules is played on a huge oval, typically 150-200 yards long and 120-170 yards wide. Yes, it's massive - and often played on cricket ovals.

Each team consists of 18 players. Unusually for any type of football, there is no offside rule in the AFL.

Scoring can be in two forms; a goal (6 points) or a behind (1 point). A goal is scored by kicking the ball between the middle pair of posts, and a behind is scored when it goes through the posts either side.

Those are the bare-bones basics. For a much more detailed description of the rules, take a look at the Wikipedia page.


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The AFL Season

The AFL has 18 teams. Most are located in Victoria, where the sport originated. These teams are all based in and around Melbourne, with the exception of Geelong, which is around 50 miles out of Melbourne.

AFL Logos

Sydney, Perth and Adelaide all have two teams, and finally there are two teams based in Queensland.

The season lasts for 23 rounds, with each team playing 22 matches (and one bye week). It's 4 points for a win, and 2 for a (not very common) tie.

The table is referred to as the "ladder", and if teams are tied on points, the tie-breaker is "percentage"; the ratio of points for/against.

Playoffs (finals, as it is referred to) start in September, in a four-week series between the top eight teams.

The Grand Final takes place in late September at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Betting on the AFL

You'll be familiar with the main bets offered by sportsbooks on the AFL.

There's money-line (regular time), spread and total. Totals can be as high as 200 points.

Some sportsbooks (Draftkings notably) are offering player props (first/last goal), half and quarter betting, and plenty of team props.

Which sportsbooks are offering the AFL?

Plenty. At the time of writing, you can bet with the following books on Aussie Rules:

Upcoming AFL Games

We compare odds on every AFL game, so check them out below and tap for full odds!

No games posted. Please check out some futures odds below.

Who's the best team?

Tough one! Historically it's a tie between Essendon and Carlton with 16 Premierships apiece, closely followed by Collingwood on 15. But a lot of these wins are historical, dating back to the early 1900s.

Recently, Hawthorn won the three-peat with titles in '13,'14 and '15, but they haven't been back to the big game since.

Richmond has been the best team of the last three years, with two titles. They are the favorites for this year's title, but it's wide open as they are as big as +350.

Greater Western Sydney (+750) are an expansion team that started in the league in 2012, and made their first grand final last year. They could be a good bet to go back to the big game at the MCG this time around.

AFL Winner 2020

This market is either suspended or no sportsbooks have odds right now.

Please check back later.

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